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Your Best You: Unleashed!

“Conversations That Make a Difference: Shift Your Beliefs to Get What You Want,” hit the virtual book shelves, and became an instant #1 Amazon Best Seller. “Your Best You: Unleashed,” written by Deborah Respress is one of the 38 featured stories, contained in the book. This compelling page turner shares life-changing conversations, filled with wisdom, from 38 dynamic authors, that may create a shift in you and your beliefs, to get what you want!

Earth Angel aka Deborah Respress

Blue Rose at Midnight

The “Blue Rose at Midnight” Music CD features original songs written and vocalized by Deborah Respress, aka “Earth Angel.” Set to a smooth jazz flavor with delicate pop grooves, it has the perfect combination and blend of sultry love ballads, soothing saxophone vibes, gutsy spoken word pieces, and uplifting inspirational selections. This timeless musical song collection continues to sell worldwide on 6 continents. (Musical Direction & Piano: Bill Anschell; Guest Feature: Reverend Walter L. Kimbrough)